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Important Information for our Debit Cardholders

FOR LOST OR STOLEN DEBIT CARD PLEASE CALL 352-368-3756 (during banking center hours), or toll free at 1-800-554-8969 (after banking center hours).

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Dear Cardholder:

In order to protect your account and reduce potential debit card fraud, we have made changes that may affect some types of transactions that you have routinely completed in the past. 

  1. Purchases made at an automated fuel dispenser (gas pump) will require you to input your PIN.  This will reduce the risk of a common type of fraud where a card is “skimmed” (copied when used for a legitimate purchase), “counterfeited” (a duplicate card is produced), and used at self-service gas pumps.  Requiring a PIN will make these frauds at unsupervised gas pumps more difficult.
  2. Please let us know when you plan to use your debit card for international purchases.  In those cases, we will need to allow transactions in the specific countries you will be visiting. Internationally, debit card fraud is prevalent.  Call us at 352-368-3756 or email us at
  3. Please inform us promptly of any change of address.  Our security protocols will compare the proximity of the merchant location to your address when considering whether a transaction is possibly fraudulent.
  4. You may receive an automated call asking you to confirm whether a particular transaction is legitimate and authorized.   This is your assurance that your accounts are being actively protected.

These changes should enhance the security of your debit card with minimal inconvenience to you.  We always appreciate your feedback; if you have any questions or comments, please call us at 352-368-3756, or email us at

Thank you.

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