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Barry Bullard
Barry Bullard Homes, Inc.

Barry Bullard is President of Barry Bullard Homes, Inc., a partner of Arbor Greens Community, LLC, a partner in the Bullard Ryals Partnership, and former owner of Mid State Concrete, Inc.

Prior to joining Gateway Bank, Mr. Bullard was a Founding Director of Millennium Bank in Gainesville; and a board member, from April 1999 until January 2008. He served on the Millennium Bank Loan Committee as Vice Chair from 1999-2005, and as Chairman from 2005-2008.

Mr. Bullard holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida, and has completed several online banking review courses.

Barry and his wife, Susanne, have four children; Lauren (20), Allison (18), Wil (6), and Sam (4.) The Bullard´s are members of Grace United
Methodist Church.

His community involvement includes the Sebastian Ferrero Foundation and the Builders Association of North Central Florida.